At Eight Treasures Yoga, our teachers are trained to teach all 8 limbs of Yoga. We need all eight, on the path to end all suffering. Hence our name, our goal is to offer classes that integrate the eight elements of yoga, including keeping our morality, doing body positures (asanas), control of breath (pranayama), inner contemplation and meditation practice.

Each of our teachers has developed their own style to teach the eight limbed yoga. This way we can reach different types of yoga practitioners. EVERYONE is welcome, those new to yoga, beginners and those who are advanced in their practice. Everyone is welcome to join whichever class they feel like!

Even though the postures, and the combination of postures is different for each class; we usually use the same structure:

A warm up that generates internal heat and focus, leading to standing postures, moving to postures that increase flexibility and balance, to those that focus on strength, finishing with restorative postures that cool down and balance out the body. Each teacher instructs with different intensity and tempo.

More about each of our teachers and their classes:

Liyang and Eilin offer classes especially for pregnant women. 

This is a class designed to both nurture and challenge your body. Reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom about birth, bond with baby, and meet other mamas! You can of course join the class even if you are not pregnant.

Teacher Training Philosophy Class with John.

All interested in more knowledge about the inner practice of Yoga is welcome to join. If you are looking to be a Yoga Teacher yourself, you can also catch up on the previous teachings.Lately, John have also been giving instructions on how to give adjustments to asana students. The classes have been both philosophical, and physical, so please wear comfortable clothes.

Ingrids gentle flow class focuses more on smooth transitions between the poses, and bodily sensations while practicing. She starts with a short breathing technique to focus, then, a longer warming up. She creates a special atmosphere using the darkness of the night and the subtle light of candles. Her class is intense but low tempo.

Heart of Yoga classes with Mia is a special sequence which is made to build strength both in arms and legs, and open your heart and hips. This class builds up from soft sitting poses, to more energized repetitions and fierce warrior (standing) poses. This is also perfect for pregnant women, as there is no lying on the belly, and prepares you for giving birth.

Michael leads you through the Warrior Flow learned during his Teacher Training with Master Duncan Wong.This is a strong and tough Yoga style called “Yogic arts”, which combines martial arts and yoga, with detailed focus on technique.

Svetlana is also studying with Duncan Wong Sensei and gives classes in Yogic Arts, combining Warrior Flow and thai massage techniques that she learned from Master Wong. Her flow class has high tempo and intensity; she guides you from one posture to another connecting them smoothly, making your body movements flow like a dance.

Basic class with John and Axel is both for beginners and more experienced students, interested in improving their technique and understanding of their body alignment, making sure you can get the most out of your Yoga practice, while avoiding injury. Lately the inner focus has been on the five inner winds. John teaches you how to work on purifying the inner winds, as a means to purify yourself from mental afflictions like anger, pride and jelousy. This practice can help you become more loving, generous and ultimately, understand where the good things in your life really come from.

Meditation with Caroline is a class where we meditate, but also share and discuss your experiences with meditation. Caroline facilitates a conversation about how to find the right teacher, how Tong Len meditation works, and how it can help us and those we care about. Finally you will be led through a powerful Tong Len meditation.

Dragon Dance with Louise, Hanne and Line is a Dragon Dances are a mix of Tai Chi, Vinyasa Yoga and Dance. It builds muscle strength and heat in the body as a Vinyasa yoga sequence, but is more gentle on the joints. The sequence builds step by step to let the body melt into it while the mind melts away.

Yin Yoga with Louise and Christian is a gentle form of yoga in which the poses are held for long time in deep relaxation to quiet the mind and open deep tissues.